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American Dream

American Dream is located in New Jersey, just a heartbeat away from New York City. Feel the excitement of making memories again at the newest place for an indoor family entertainment complex.  Richco has been involved with the Sea Life brand throughout the World for over 20 years. We’ve developed unique flooring systems throughout our time working with Merlin over many years.   

The American Dream project was a new concept of flooring throughout.  This made it different from many other Sea Life’s we have previously completed.  Therefore, we had to work with new design briefs and with the client directly to create new flooring systems throughout the American Dream – Sea Life project.  We also had to combine several different brands in order for us to create the front lobby area in the custom colors and designs required by the client.   

The finished project met the clients’ requirements for all areas that we have completed throughout the Sea Life, American Dream, and entrance lobby.  Richco continues to work with Merlin Worldwide. 

Flooring Systems:


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