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Project Execution

Richco works closely with our clients during the installation of our custom flooring to ensure that we execute an efficient completion on any given project. Richco are an international company offering our services Worldwide and we are therefore experienced in the logistics in getting our products, equipment and staff to the project location to carry out the specific installation for our clients within the time periods specified.  The correct preparation methods are “key” to a successful flooring installation during any given project. Therefore, Richco’s in – house application teams ensure that a meticulous and methodical approach is taken during this important stage of the work. 

Once all preparation works are completed, Richco’s in-house application teamwork from the design plans, directives and previously completed and approved samples to ensure that the flooring is completed as per the client’s designs and specifications. Richco’s in house application team pay particular attention to detail when completing our flooring systems and work closely with our clients to ensure that we deliver a project on-time (within the timeframes provided) and deliver an outstanding end product that exceeds the clients’ expectations. 

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