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Cleaning Regime

For the performance characteristics of Richco Flooring Systems to be maintained it is very important an appropriate cleaning regime is established. Richco recommends weekly
cleaning of our Flooring System or in high trafficked areas.
For cleaning should be considered as having two elements, the first beinga chemical component and the second being mechanical

Follow these simple steps to clean
and maintain your Richco Flooring System..

  • 1Sweep floor to remove loose debris and accumulation of soil.
  • 2Use the appropiate cleaning agent – detergent, deodoriser, degreaser or emulsifier.
  • 3Apply cleaning agent, diluted as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • 4Use the Scrubber, Dryer as directed or alternatively agitate by hand using a stiff brush then flood with clean water and scrub.
  • 5Remove dirty water with wet vacuum (or squeegee if cleaned by hand)

The chemical component, a cleaning solution which will dissolve or emulsify the soil or contamination present, following which the mechanical element is applied to the floor with scrubbing motion, either by hand or where space permits by a mechanical scrubbing machine.

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