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The warranty is for a period stated within your quotation provided by Richco International Inc. The warranty period can either be one, five or a ten year period.

This warranty is for the product stated within your quotation provided by Richco International Inc. The warranty is provided for the supply and application of the named product.

1.0 Product Performance

1.1 The warranty is specific to the named project named within your quotation; any change of usage not notified in writing to Richco is specifically excluded.

1.2. If in the warranty period from the date of completion of the application, the Product named fails to perform in accordance with the Product Data Sheet due to the Product being defective at time of supply by Richco due to defective materials or workmanship, Richco shall complete, without charge, such remedial work as is necessary to rectify such defects. Our warranty does not include the reimbursement of funds.

2.0 Warranty Conditions

This warranty is subject to the following conditions:

2.1.1 That the structure to which the system is applied is sound at the date at which this warranty is invoked and there has been no material change in the structural condition of the property since the application of the system.

2.1.2 That the surface or section to which the system has been applied has not, in the period since the completion of the work, been damaged by any third party.

2.1.3 That any change of use of the property since application of the system has been notified Richco and in the event of a change in use, Richco has had the opportunity to inform the customer of the implications of the change on the performance of the system.

2.1.4 Richco reserves the right to undertake an annual service inspection of the work during the period of the Warranty.

3.0 Warranty Exclusions:

Richco does not warrant that the Product will bridge any live cracks in the substrate.

Color shift due to weathering, sun bleaching or atmospheric pollution.

Mechanical abrasion

Impact damage

Chemical damage due to prolonged exposure to chemicals.

Fire damage

Osmosis caused through water vapor. Damages caused by third parties.

Works by others to the completed project i.e. drilling, grinding, core sampling, welding etc.

Structural movement

External impact caused to the structure of the building

The finished product must not be trafficked or exposed to chemicals until full cure has been achieved as specified in the datasheet.

3.1 The Warranty is conditional on the applied material being exposed only to fair wear and tear. Specialist uses must be notified in writing to Richco for consideration. Failure to notify Richco of any damage caused during inappropriate usage within 7 days (in writing) of the damages will deem this warranty null and void. If this is notified to Richco; Richco will undertake repairs at the clients’ costs so that the warranty is not invalidated.

4.0 Defects

4.1 The End User shall inform Richco in writing of any defect within 7 days (in writing) and give Richco the opportunity to inspect the area affected. Richco may request photographs from the client prior to any site inspection. The client must give the opportunity for Richco to remove samples for evaluation as deemed necessary.

5.0 Cleaning

5.1 The End User shall be responsible for cleaning the finish system. An appropriate cleaning regime using correct techniques for the system installed with regard to the work environment must be employed. Cleaning should be carried out on a regular basis.

6.0 Consequential Loss

6.1 Richco shall in no circumstances be liable in respect of consequential loss or damage sustained by their Clients, whatsoever arising from any defect in or failure of, the Product and including loss or damage to buildings contents thereof, interruption and/or interference with business activities whatsoever, whether or not any loss or damage is attributable or any negligence.