Single Source Responsibility & Reliability

Architects / Specifiers

Our involvement starts right at the very beginning of any given project.  We work closely with the specifiers, architects, designers, creative leads, and our clients directly.  We often get involved right from the structural integrity of the original slab through to the final overall design of the project.   We strive to satisfy individual customer requirements by providing flooring systems specifically designed to meet their needs and requirements.  Therefore, our involvement right from the beginning of the project and design stages are crucial for us to deliver an outstanding end project that exceeds the client’s expectations. 


Richco work closely with the architects and designers to create technical specifications that meet performance and project objectives. With our extensive knowledge of our products as well as the design and installation, our teams are available throughout the planning stages of your project. 

 It is crucial that the flooring projects we create are durable and last a long period of time.  They have not just got to look good, but they have got to be practical and tough enough to withstand high trafficked areas (particularly in a themed attraction).  Therefore, unlike many of our competitors Richco have the technical knowledge for product selection right from the beginning of the project. 

Design Spec

On each specific project for our client, we are normally involved from the beginning with the design element of the project.  We are often provided a brief on what the client is looking for and provided a “themed booklet” with a variety of concepts, colors, and designs that the client is trying to achieve in each area of the project. 

 From the design brief we are given, we often carry out research to find out the flooring required for that particular theme.  

 We often provide the clients with several samples for them to choose from which will meet with their design / requirements.  We often develop new products of designs of our flooring to meet the criteria of our clients which makes us unique and sets us apart from our competitors.   

Proven Record

With over 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves in offering high quality, premium flooring systems Worldwide to a variety of themed industries. Richco have been offering installations Worldwide by providing a unique service to our customers by providing a single source service.  From dealing with the initial enquiry, to the concept and design, through to the execution of the project, Richco has been offering a unique and dependable service for over 20 years.  

Richco is dedicated in providing a turnkey approach for our clients and as a family-owned business, we have the dedication to succeed for our clients, but have the compassion to care about the quality of our service.  Richco have the credentials and proven track record from our installations over the last 20 years – our vast experience and customer recommendations says it all….

Samples & Colors

Through Richco’s vast experience we understand that getting the right “look” is essential to any finished project.  Richco understands that choosing the right colors is also a fundamental element to any given project.  By getting this right in the design stages, will then ensure that we deliver the completed project to the clients’ specification.     

 Therefore, Richco offers a unique service in producing a number panel samples or site samples for the client (or design teams’) approval during the planning and design stages of any given project. 

In addition to the sample panels, Richco have a large range of standard colors available in any of our product ranges.  However, unlike our competitors, Richco also has the ability to match to any RAL color in most of our product ranges.  We can therefore provide color swatches to match the desired colors required for any given design or look required for the specific project. 


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