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Legoland NY

Legoland New York is a theme park in Goshen, New York, themed after the Lego toy brand. Consisting of 150 acres of seven themed lands on a property of 500 acres. The Park contains numerous structures made of Legos or designed to resemble Legos.  Legoland New York Resort is the ultimate theme park experience.  Filled with kid-friendly, kid-tastic rides, shows and attractions; the park is built for fun and geared for families.   

Richco were involved in two areas of the project: The Main Castle & The Factory Tour Ride  

 The Main Castle 

The castle had a pre-existing concrete slab, but the client wanted to theme the floor with a cobble appearance.  Richco Stamped Overlay system allows for minimum depth but allows us to add a cobble appearance to the floor – adding no more than ¼” to the floor height.  The advantage of carrying out the work this way – is the main construction work can be carried out on the base slab without worrying about damaging the final floor layer – as this is typically installed at the end of the project – when all the heavy construction work is complete. 

The Factory Tour Ride 

Within the factory tour ride has a new type of attraction where everything is on a large scale to give the appearance that the guests have “shrunk”.  One of the rooms was “Andy’s Room” and the challenge was that the client wanted a floorboard looking floor but was 10x bigger than the original – due to the affect that they were trying to create.  Richco achieved this by using epoxy resins and tooling that we custom developed to provide a wood grain effect. This allowed us to deliver a hardwearing, industrial grade flooring system, but with the appearance of a wood grained floor – whilst sitting on the ride-on attraction.    

The other additional challenge that we were tasked with – was undertaking the cutting of the ride wire system for this attraction.  Fortunately, as we have specialist equipment – this allowed us to cut out circular linear runs of cutting for the wire to be set into the floor. 

The finished areas met with the clients’ design brief and exceeded their expectations.   

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