Single Source Responsibility & Reliability


Richco understands that Stadiums can hold so many different events and must tolerate the high pedestrian traffic throughout these various events.  In addition to this Stadiums are often outside and therefore they must consider all seasons and weather conditions for these events.   

Richco have a variety of products and systems available that don’t just look good but deliver the durability and the practical non-slip that is required for these most demanding, high trafficked areas. Whether they are applied in walkways, under bleachers or in reception areas – our products have the non-slip and durability required to create practical, but decorative non-slip flooring to meet the demands of any Stadium.   

In addition to our flooring systems, we also offer a range of prefabricated FRP non-slip solutions for your decking or dock areas.  Please visit our dedicated website: for this specific product range. 

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