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Delivering Sample Protocol

Richco knows the importance of quality standards in order to succeed for our clients and to deliver a project as per the original specification. 

Richco strives to create samples that are specific for each area of the project to match the original theming and design specifications.  We welcome our clients (or design teams) to our dedicated design lab where our samples and product mock-ups are produced.  This encourages our clients to provide input and feedback for the design, colors and overall look for the samples being produced for their specific project.  It also enables them to see the processes and build-up of the specific flooring being produced. 

During the sample production, Richco ensures that the samples produced not only match the design specification but are also achievable on a site installation.  Very often what can be produced on small samples cannot be replicated on a large-scale installation and therefore it is important for the clients and designers to understand the processes involved in the flooring systems being produced for them to know what is achievable onsite within the timescales and budget of the project. 

Once the samples have been signed-off, Richco ensures that our application team replicate the designs, colors and overall finish onsite to match the approved samples, thereby delivering a completed project as per the original specification.    



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