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Completion Sign-off

Richco is proud of our workmanship and our end goal is to ensure that we have delivered Richco custom flooring systems that not only exceeds our clients’ expectations, but also immerses the attraction guests into their final environment that has been created. 

At the end of each project, Richco’s application team methodically check the total completed floor areas for any imperfections which are then meticulously rectified.  When all imperfections are completed and Richco’s application team are completely satisfied – they proudly show the clients the completed flooring systems.   

Once the completed project has been thoroughly verified by the client that they are completely satisfied a completion sign-off certificate is then issued.   

We rely on our customers having the confidence in our brand and therefore giving us repeat business.  We strive to satisfy individual customer needs by providing flooring systems specifically designed for our clients’ individual needs and requirements. 

Our experience and customer recommendations say it all…… 

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