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Night & Day

Merlin was going through a re-fit of the main tank and wanted a flooring system that covered around ¾ of the main exhibit.  It was based on a raised platform and resurfaced by other contractors prior to our arrival. The contractors (prior to us) introduced a hardy board (which is a concrete base board) which we had to mesh the joints and seal in with an epoxy prior to us commencing the main floor works. 

Once we had completed the meshing and joint detail, we applied a self levelling epoxy over the floor surfacing to make the floor level.  The advantages of using pure epoxy as a leveler is that is doesn’t re-soften if hit with moisture.  The additional scope of the works was to have a beach scene that could project a turtle hatching scene – which is demonstrated in our photos.  The floor projection color was customized for the optimum color that would show the best effect.   

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