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Cafe Floor – Flake

A new large undercover eating area was built to accommodate the large number of visitors especially during the summer season. Richco were advised that the new eating area required a flooring system that was hardwearing and offered anti slip properties whilst remaining decorative and colorful. The Richco application team carried out preparation to the existing surface by re-keying the surface and applying a suitable primer. Once the surface had been fully prepared and left to completely dry, the Richco application team then applied Richco Flake Flooring system in the corporate colors of LEGOLAND.

Richco Flake Flooring is a decorative solvent free epoxy floor coating that is available in a range of base colors with a choice of flake colors, to give a contrasting, decorative, anti-slip finish. Richco Flake Flooring offers an excellent decorative anti-slip finish with the advantage of high wear and chemical resistant properties.

The finished flooring met with the client’s requirements by providing an anti slip and hardwearing surface whilst providing a decorative finish as requested.


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