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Cobra Ride

Wild Asia has a number of rides for young adventurers including KOBRA. An awesome ride that spins explorers through the air on a 90m track at a dizzying 43mph, KOBRA is certainly a ride with some serious bite.  Richco were advised that the ride kept losing traction, whilst it is in motion, especially when wet.   

The Richco application team carried out preparation to the current track and applying a suitable primer. They then applied Richco Traction System to the KOBRA ride track. Richco Traction System is an anti-slip surface specifically designed for use on theme park track rides to give positive grip to the track whilst the ride is in motion.  

Richco Traction Systems provide a practical solution to a “behind the scenes” problem associated with wheels slipping and lack of traction.  The finished track met with the client’s requirements by providing traction for the ride even when in operation during the wet weather. 


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